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Affordable Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Affordable Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Affordable Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Remember, during your school, you had nothing in your mind other than your studies? Your mother would wash, iron, and prepare your lunch, and all you had to do was score well, if at all.

You miss those days now that you’re an adult who has to look after yourself and manage all you’re involved in.

Managed VS unmanaged VPS at pocket-friendly prices has a similar definition.

But, with a shared hosting option, why pick VPS in the first place?

So, our responsibilities, standard of life, habits, and behavior change as we get older, right? Similarly, as your website/firm grows big, you’ll require better productivity.

It is not feasible for shared hosting to offer you the same efficiency throughout your business journey. So, as you start to grow, it becomes outdated and doesn’t provide value. You can get started with the best cPanel hosting provider in india.

While VPS tends to offer more in that case. If you are sharing resources in shared hosting, then in VPS, you get all to yourself. In fact, you get more resources than shared hosting, which helps you expand your business website to the fullest.

Moreover, MilesWeb provides the best-in-class VPS hosting services. You can get a cost-effective VPS server with high quality. They are literally amazing.

Among millions of web hosting companies, quality and affordability are what makes MilesWeb stand out. Not all web hosts can be both together. If you can find a cheap web hosting service, it won’t be quality. If you find a quality, it won’t be cheap. But MilesWeb offers both quality and cost-effective hosting services. That is what makes them a recommended company.

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Differences

Managed VPS hosting clearly refers to hosting where you don’t manage the server. It is the hosting company that looks after your VPS server and does all configurations and customizations.

Several companies and businesses lack the time that they consider investing in their business instead of hosting. Obviously, hosting is essential but managed VPS services work as a helping hand. They let the host handle the hosting, and they work on their business.

Some companies do not want to invest the money in hiring someone to manage VPS servers, so they directly opt for managed VPS services.

On the other hand, unmanaged VPS services refer to hosting services where you handle the server. Here you require good technical knowledge as you won’t receive much support. MilesWeb does have a team that offers 24/7 support, but only to the physical server. However, if you opt for managed services, you get 24/7 complete assistance.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Decide Between Them?

  • Examine whether or not you are skilled with using technology.
  • Choose one based on your analysis of the benefits you will receive.
  • Consider your needs and ask yourself if you require assistance.
  • Alternatively, you can contact MilesWeb directly by email or chat, and they will assist you as best they can.

MilesWeb Managed/Unmanaged Plans

MilesWeb offers two options as Linux and Windows VPS hosting. The fully managed Linux plans start from Rs. 630/m after the 25% discount, and fully managed Windows VPS plans start from Rs. 1,260/m after the 25% discount.

Likewise, unmanaged VPS plans start from Rs. 480/m after the discount.

The 25% off is like a heavy benefit. You can save a lot of money here, but you must purchase any plan for at least one to three years. Otherwise, you will have to buy as per regular monthly prices.

MilesWeb plans are very cost-effective. They make sure every user can have access to their web hosting services. As many hosting companies sell expensive hosting, they aim at helping every business/blogger host at a low cost.

Plus, VPS hosting is something that offers more efficiency. You will see that your website has increased in speed and performance. It will reduce too many server downtimes, security concerns, and even bounce rates. Your web pages will start loading faster.

With MilesWeb, you will get a number of benefits. They offer great features along with their plans.


Choose Your Operating System – To improve performance and dependability, you can choose from a range of operating systems and select the one that best suits your needs.

Customization Authority – You have complete control over your hosting account, allowing you to make changes whenever you want. There are no limitations, no reliance on the host, and no need to worry about anything.

Heavy Web Applications – You are free to install custom applications on your server. You get full SSH root access and all customization and configuration rights.

High Uptime – With all VPS plans, you receive high network uptime of 99.99%. That will help your site stay up at all times and run smoothly.

Free SSL Certificate – Only a few web hosting companies offer a free SSL. MilesWeb is one of those best providers that give you one free SSL certificate with all its plans. That will protect your data and offer safety.


If you have a medium-sized website, VPS hosting is a great option. The pros are endless. And MilesWeb will assist you at every step of your 0-100 journey.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to opt for managed or unmanaged hosting. The rest will be taken care of by the company. Once you choose a plan, they will set it up immediately.


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