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MilesWeb Review – Enjoy Discounts with Their VPS Services

MilesWeb Review – Enjoy Discounts with Their VPS Services

Do you want an unbiased view of MilesWeb’s Hosting services? You are at the right place!

MilesWeb is a prominent managed VPS hosting company that offers high-performance and cheap VPS hosting India.

There are numerous VPS hosting companies on the market. MilesWeb, on the other hand, is the optimal and finest option for most website owners. In case you need dedicated resources for your website then they also provides cheap dedicated server hosting.

And it is still good to ask why you should go with MilesWeb VPS hosting?

The answer is easy in this article. Here, let you know everything there is to know as to its fully managed VPS hosting. MilesWeb is the best in terms of pricing, packages, and features.

MilesWeb’s Background

MilesWeb has been working since 2012. They have over 39,032 customers worldwide and specialize in providing quality web hosting services at a reasonable price.

MilesWeb is the greatest web hosting provider because of its excellent customer service and lightning-fast website speed. MilesWeb has nine years of experience in the hosting sector and has won numerous recommendations and awards.

What You Need to Understand About VPS Hosting?

If you have a popular website with a rising volume of traffic but can’t afford a dedicated server to deal with the extra traffic, VPS hosting is the way to go.

Virtual Private Server includes virtualization technology to divide a single physical server system into many virtual private servers.

A virtual private server (VPS) provides an isolated environment. It includes dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, disc space, and bandwidth. Every piece of them is 100% committed to your website and offers dedication.

When you sign up for VPS hosting, you have the option of selecting your preferred operating system. You also gain root access, which allows you to install custom server configurations.

VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing at MilesWeb

The low-cost hosting options are one of the primary advantages of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting.

MilesWeb provides customers with a managed VPS hosting service that offers the best in terms of speed and reliability at an affordable price. They provide ten VPS hosting options, ranging from V1 to V10.

If you look at their most basic VPS plan, it costs Rs.630 monthly over the course of a year. If you require the greatest quantity of resources, their high-tier plan costs Rs.32,640 each month for a one-year subscription. These prices are applicable after a 25% discount.

That you will receive on buying a pack for a year.

MilesWeb Features for VPS Hosting Services

You have complete control over the server with MilesWeb. The following are some of the powerful benefits of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting:

1. VPS Hosting with Full Management

MilesWeb provides fully managed VPS hosting. That also includes several technical aspects of your website, such as software installation, upgrades, and security. They handle all of these technical details for you, so you don’t have to worry about them.

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting solutions give your website the finest speed, security, and performance. You might also concentrate on expanding your company.

2. A 99.99 % Uptime Guarantee

Every web hosting provider’s quality is their uptime guarantee. To maintain your website accessible to all people, it must be available. With its VPS hosting solution, MilesWeb claims a 99.99% uptime guarantee. MilesWeb offers the finest uptime guarantee because of its dependable server infrastructure.

3. High-performance and High-speed

MilesWeb provides cutting-edge technologies for your VPS. Their main goal is to provide high compatibility & performance for your server’s high-resource websites and applications.

4. VPS Server with SSD storage

Websites are saved on servers with in-built SSD drives when using MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. For ensuring that you will get high-performing VPS hosting, MilesWeb uses SSD technology on all of its servers. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the quickest and most modern storage devices available. They outperform typical HDD drives by around 200%.

5. Root Privileges

With VPS hosting, you have total power over your virtual server. It allows you to be the administrator of your Virtual private server if you have complete root access. Safe Shell File Transfer also allows you to access and customize your VPS in a secure manner (SFTP).

6. SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are included in the price of your MilesWeb VPS hosting plan. MilesWeb provides an SSL certificate free of charge. Information sent to and from the server will be automatically encrypted. In fact, it is the most important prerequisite for websites to gain visitors’ trust and improve their Google ranks is an SSL certificate.

7. Resources You Can Count On

When you buy a web hosting package, you think about how much disc space, RAM, and bandwidth you’ll need for your website. You get the resources exactly you paid for with a MilesWeb VPS hosting account. If you buy a 12GB plan, you’ll receive 12GB of RAM. They provide you with a warranty!


MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is provided on the most efficient and sophisticated servers available, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. MilesWeb’s VPS server is an excellent choice if you want to receive excellent speed and performance for your high-traffic website. Sign up for one of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services and take your site to the next level.


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