Home Hosting MilesWeb Review: High-Performing & Cheap Dedicated Server

MilesWeb Review: High-Performing & Cheap Dedicated Server

MilesWeb Review: High-Performing & Cheap Dedicated Server

Taking your business to new heights is everyone’s wish. But you may get stuck with the question of how to take it to a point where you get the best productivity.

Mainly, a website is through which you can enhance your business. As you can reach a wider audience, it helps to build the credibility of your business. The type of hosting you choose for your website also plays a great role in how your business will work. To get the website visible and accessible, you will require web hosting.

Linux dedicated server plans will give your website the power it needs. It delivers more profitability, capability. Switching to a dedicated server delivers better results for your website. There are numerous benefits that you get with a dedicated server. Also, the web hosting provider you pick matters.

Everything is simple if the web hosting provider you choose offers you the best services. There are thousands of hosting providers in the industry. So, it is vital to choose the ideal web hosting for you. For this, you need to do a lot of research, so here is a task made easy for you.

MilesWeb is a web hosting company in India. The company offers the best web hosting services at a price that fits your budget.

MilesWeb is the #1 web hosting provider in India. They offer incredible hosting services and have served 39032 customers worldwide. The company has been in the business since 2012 and continually strives to help small to large businesses go online.

Dedicated Hosting in Brief

Dedicated hosting is a hosting service where you get an isolated hosting environment. Also, you have full control over the server. Here, you do not share server resources with other tenants. All the resources are exclusive to your website.

With this, you get a higher level of security and privacy. Also, the efficiency of the website improves. You have root access to your server, which allows you to customize it according to your website requirements.

When you opt for a dedicated server, there are zero chances of security threats from neighbors. A dedicated IP is what you get with a dedicated server. It is vital to have a dedicated IP address if you have a large website that needs an SSL certificate.

Dedicated Server is Apt For

High-Traffic websites

If your business expands, you start getting traffic on your website. A dedicated server can handle the highest traffic and give your website the power to run swiftly, reliably and without any difficulty.

Agencies with High Profile Clients

A dedicated server is an ideal place to house the requirements of high-profile clients.

And it delivers a fast and reliable experience.

Resell Server Resources

You can earn additional income, how? This can be done by hosting clients’ websites on your dedicated server.

Benefits of MilesWeb Dedicated Server!

Here are the benefits of MilesWeb dedicated server:

99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb offers you a network uptime guarantee of 99.99%. No company will offer you such high uptime. They will make sure your website will run online round the clock.

High Performance Guaranteed

Dedicated servers of MilesWeb are 100% secured. They offer a great performance to your website. Your website will not face any type of server or downtime issues. You even don’t have to worry about the smooth running of the web applications. As they run swiftly without any difficulty.


Dedicated server is steadfast as you do not share server resources with other users. So no website traffic will affect yours and, you will get high-speed performance to your website.

Free Setup with No Contracts 

To set up the dedicated server, you don’t have to pay any costs. If you decide to cancel the server, you can as no penalty cost is taken.

100% Dedicated Resources

Dedicated, the name itself implies committed. It means you will not have to share resources or virtualization. The server provides you with 100% dedicated hardware resources for your high-level website/application.


Custom applications can run on your server with a custom environment. Also, the heavy web applications will run very smoothly with ease.

Indian Data Center

You can host dedicated servers in India. The data center is in the center location of the country, Mumbai. This is best for businesses that have target customers in India.

Control Panel

MilesWeb gives you options to choose the control panel. They allow you to pick from cPanel, Plesk, Webuzo. You can manage your dedicated server through the control panel effortlessly.

Top Features of MilesWeb Dedicated Server 

Here are the top features of MilesWeb dedicated server:

  • Hardware RAID
  • Robust Network
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans

To Conclude

Dedicated hosting is an apt solution for your high-end website/application. It gives the boost that your website requires. Get started today with MilesWeb dedicated server and take your website/application online. Presently, you get a free trial on a dedicated server. Meaning, you can try their dedicated server at no risk.



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